Feline care


We feed our cats and kittens royal canin dry food Wet food is also good for there diet but we usaly give it once or twice a week as treats ..dry food is always better for there coats and  teeth ..you can give raw chicken with the bone..but if its cooked chicken must be boneless otherwise can cause chocking and damage to the gums. Boneless raw meat can also be given..fish is also very good for there coat. wet food we like to feed is Bozita as it has more real meat inside.

A mixture between dry and wet food is recommended to keep there teeth and gums healthy at all times.

Water or goats milk can be given
cows milk is not advised at any circumstance as this causes upset stomache and worms so please do avoid

(recommended website  to order cat food)  http://www.zooplus.co.uk/