Feline care


We advise owners to brush there maine coons atleast twice a week some cats need more grooming then others the best combs we have found are the following:

Mikki Undercoat Rake- very good for thick coats 

Mikki rotating double tooth rake  this is our favorite as it brushes the undercoat which also reduces chances of any knots,  It is also very good as the cat does not feel any pain
and it leaves the coat looking beautiful

Metal tooth comb is also something we found very good

you can find these brushes from this website http://www.petplanet.co.uk

Bathing your cat

We dont advise pet owners to often bath their cats as this will dry out the cats natrual oils and sometimes leave them with dry flakey skin. when you are going to bath them make sure you are using a pet shampoo as this is always important.

Every kitten will recieve this information along with names of products and groomers we recommend.

We hope this information page was useful to you many thanks for reading...