Feline care



Why it is important to worm your kitten/ cat
Worming your cat/kitten is a very important part of protecting them from harmful parasites that could negatively affect their health.
It’s much easier to prevent worms and parasitic infections than it is to treat an infection after an animal is infested, so being proactive is the best plan of action
Kittens become infected with hookworms & roundworms via their mother when they are young kittens. Tapeworms are spread via fleas so its best to  flea them with frontline every month
Worms are more than a nuisance, they can have severe health problems in cats & especially young kittens.

Types of worms


When Kittens and cats should be wormed :

Which worming product to use for your cat/ kitten:
We recommend you worm your kitten with Panacure paste which is given by the mouth this will have to be given once every day for 3 days straight.
There is a form of Panacure granules which is added to the  food, worming should be done every month till the kitten is 6 months of age then every 3 months till they are adults which then u can treat them with Drontol or Milbamax tablet every 3 months( dosage is given depending on the weight of the cat ) 

We advise all owners to keep worming there cat /kitten throughout their lives as it is very important for their health...

Every kitten will recieve this information along with a kitten worming timetable .............. we hope this information page was useful to you many thanks for reading...